Built in SA

On the 10th of July 2014, a significant event took place in the history of South Africa’s Automotive Industry: the first FAW commercial vehicle completely made in SA, rolled off the assembly line at our production plant at Coega, in the Eastern Cape.

FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) LTD has established a modern, high-quality vehicle production plant and all its associated infrastructure at a cost of USD 60 million and has had a far-reaching global impact as it is one of the largest and most substantial investments made by a Chinese business entity in South Africa to date.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the ability to ‘buy local’ and our 30 000m² Coega plant, complete with state of the art training facilities, allow just that. In addition to building our entire 14-model range of commercial vehicles sold in South Africa locally, FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (Pty) Ltd is also one of few local OEMS to have built a 3000m² Truck Body-building Shop, together with an appropriate Paint Shop Facility, of this magnitude. It is equipped using the latest and best global technology for long-lasting truck body paint and finish.

Our tipper truck bodies, mixers and customised trailers are built in the body building plant which is attached to the main Coega plant. FAW will also continuously expand its truck body offering to possibly include other configurations, even customised trailers, depending on demand from customers through the FAW dealer network. In this way, we at FAW are able to continue to bring you quality state-of-the-art vehicles.

High on our list of priorities are the SHEQ principles – Safety, Health, Environment and Quality – and FAW allows no compromise on any of these, as skilled employees in the region of the Eastern Cape are a key consideration. The assembly plant has been designed in accordance with environmental recommendations and standards. It is highly efficient and cost-effective in its build and design and the buildings are well equipped with abundant ventilation, natural light and wide aisle space. The ergonomics for employees are such that much of the work is done standing upright, as unnecessary bending or crouching has been avoided wherever possible which allows for fewer possibility for injury.

In 2016, FAW Vehicle Manufacturers South Africa (Pty) Ltd produced the 2 000th locally built truck at the plant. “With such a large workforce, our aim has been to keep the manufacturing logistics simple yet thoroughly in-line with strict built standards as well as safety, health and environmental regulations. Thanks to a disciplined and dedicated workforce, we have maintained our standards and have even received an international FAW award in recognition for our outstanding quality. We have become a proud business citizen of South Africa and positively affirm our original assessment of SA with the motto – ‘Built in South Africa, for Africa’,” says Jianyu Hao, CEO of FAW SA.

In addition, the Coega assembly plant has the capacity to produce over 5000 trucks per annum, supplying trucks not only to the South African market but the rest of Africa as well. The current projections are that 40% of our products will be destined for South Africa, while 60% will be exported.