Freight Carriers

FAW Freight carriers provide stable and safe conveyance of any cargo.

Available in a wide variety of body configurations - drop side, van body, taut-liner, roll-back, or insulated bodies – FAW freight carriers remain your trusted partner when transporting goods of any kind.


Rugged, robust and tough as nails.

FAW Tipper models remain committed to the job at hand. From the FAW 8.140 with a 3m3 capacity to the range topping FAW 35.340FD 8x4 15m3 there is a FAW tipper for all your construction needs.

Truck Tractors

From Cape to Cairo, Big or Small, Short Haul or Long Haul, FAW Truck Tractors always delivers.

Models such as the 15.180FT with a gross Combination Mass (GCM) of 24 000kg up to the FAW flagship model the J6, with a GCM of 75 000kg. FAW offers transport tools with outstanding after sales backup to ensure total cost of ownership value.


Already well proven in the construction industry, the FAW ready-mix truck line-up offers two models, the 6x4 6m3 33.330 FC and the 8x4 8m3 35.340 FC.

Reliable and tough partners for construction projects large and small.